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Volunty measures and fosters Employee Engagement with innovative, scientifically based employee surveys, pulse checks and various targeted measures. Genuine Employee Engagement is when employees fully apply themselves in their professional roles and are physically, cognitively and emotionally present at work. In short: when they work with their hands, head and heart. Thus, they improve their performance, stay loyal to their company and are motivated to contribute to the company's success.

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Volunty's comprehensive Employee Engagement tool

Through the support and endorsement of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the Swiss Innovation Foundation, Innosuisse, Volunty offers the first comprehensive Employee Engagement tool.
We enable scientifically based employee surveys to measure commitment, derive measures and evaluate their effectiveness. Additionally, we provide a tool for employee activity management to implement
internal activities such as corporate volunteering, sports and further education, as well as a tool for seamless internal communication among all blue and white collar employees.


Scientifically based and customer-specific employee surveys to measure commitment, including situation-specific and industry-specific measure plans

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Employee activity management

Tool for communication, coordination and reporting of employee activities in the areas of corporate volunteering, sports, further education and culture

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Employee communication

Innovative communication tool to connect blue- and white-collar employees as a desktop, app or terminal solution

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Benefits with Volunty

  • Measure Employee Engagement in a scientifically based manner and individualize pulse checks
  • Receive industry-specific and practical action recommendations after each survey completion
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your measures with follow-up surveys and smart feedback systems
  • Connect with your entire staff, blue-collar and white-collar, through Volunty's desktop-, app and terminal solutions
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