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How it works...

...in three simple steps

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1. Find matching

Get to know charities in your area that need your support. You can choose from a wide variety of activities, depending on your location, availability, and personal preferences.

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2. Volunteer and earn points

Simply book your favourite volunteering activity directly on Volunty. Help somebody in need and get points as a reward for every hour you spend.

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Your accomplished hours will get certified, and you can then spend your earned points on events with inspiring personalities from society, politics, and business (check out all our events)

Do you need to complete community service hours as part of your curricular school activities? Then check out Volunty to find a charity, complete your hours, receive a certificate of completion, and exchange your earned Volunty Points to take part in Voluntys events!

Unique Events & Inspiring Personalities

To take part in the events, register for Volunty and earn points by volunteering for a cause of your choice. Interested?

Project partners

Development Partners


Together with our development and sponsoring partner Kärcher, we strive to improve the way volunteering works and create public value.

Our service lives of a strong network

Are you an organisation or charity that offers volunteering opportunities and is seeking engaged volunteers? We’d love to hear from you!

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